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Fitness Solutions is YOUR workout. What’s your ideal workout?

- Empower people to become stronger both physically and mentally.

- Provide support for fitness and nutritional goals.

- Provide a place of true support, where no matter your fears of not fitting in, not being able to fully participate or keep up, that never ever happens

Our workouts are designed to keep you challenged but infinitely adaptable to match your starting point.

- Different every single day

- For all ages and abilities

- Coached by someone who takes the time to know you and what your body needs

- Designed to make you stronger, relieve pain, gain confidence and burn off stress

Fitness Solutions is YOUR journey to optimal health. Where will your health journey take you?

Whether it be eating, pain management or simply getting comfortable in your own skin. Together we create individual and long term solutions towards your life.



For the past two years I have been working with Ellen as my personal trainer. Every week she has met my individual needs and helped me to realize I could become stronger than I ever thought that I could at my age. What I love about Ellen is that she tailors workouts to each individual’s needs. I now realize the importance of discipline and of stretching. When my two granddaughters came to visit, Ellen was happy to have them come to and participate in my weekly session. They were amazed how strong their Grammy was! Ellen runs a free boot camp that people can come to and donate any amount of money to that month’s charity. I love that Ellen does this and supports a different local charity each month. She is always willing to give back to the community! Ellen Shannon Fitness is so much more than a Boot Camp! She’ll meet your fitness needs and you will make positive changes in your life!

I started going to the 5:30 Women’s Boot Camp about 6 years ago, 3 days a week, now I go 5 days a week. It is the best workout program I have ever attended. I’ve done the gym memberships and I have thousands of dollars of work out equipment in my basement- all unused. This is the only program I have ever stuck with. Ellen and the other woman at camp are very supportive, and encouraging, and while we are challenged to do our personal best we are not competing with each other. It’s the comradery and the program that keeps me coming back. Being over 60 years old, it is important for me to keep moving and Ellen has found a way to make every class different. Throughout the years my weight has remained stable , but I have lost inches, gained muscle strength and I feel great. No two classes are the same and even after 6 years Ellen still finds a way to bring a new exercise or workout into the mix. Camp is never repetitive and is always challenging.


Deanna S.

Boot camp has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have been through. When I first started I was concerned that I would not be able to physically complete one day, never mind one session. I started with zero endurance and little fitness experience, however, almost one year later that has all changed. Boot camp is nothing like I first imagined. I had envisioned a highly judgmental group and was so sure I was going to embarrass myself. Instead, it has been an accepting, encouraging, challenging environment that always pushes you to be the best version of yourself. Ellen is always so supportive, knowledgeable, and consistently motivating you to try your hardest and not give up on yourself. I have seen such a huge improvement, in not only my endurance, but all aspects of my life. I have so much more confidence and drive to do the things I never thought possible. I look forward to every class and truly enjoy staying active for the first time in my life! No two classes are the same, which really helps to keep each workout interesting. I feel so fortunate to be part of this amazing community, and thankful for Ellen's dedication and commitment to helping me reach my goals. She never gives up, even when there are times I want to! I highly recommend boot camp, especially for those who are looking for a great support system that will surely provide long-lasting, positive results!

Ellen Shannon has been my personal trainer for the past year and half and since I began with her my physical fitness has improved. When I started my balance and posture were in desperate need of improvement. By attending her sessions I gained better balance, better posture and my core strength has gotten stronger as well. There are days when I felt too tired to go but knew Ellen was waiting for me and I didn’t want to disappoint her. She always greets me with a smile, asks about my day and by the time the workout is done, I feel energized and ready for the next part of my day. Her sessions are not only for my physical health, but my mental health as well. I have a stressful job and after working out, the tension is gone. She is always patient and encouraging without making me feel pressured. For all the sessions I have attended, not once has there been a repeat of a workout. Each session leaves you guessing at what will come next. My 17-year-old daughter has attended some sessions with me and she enjoys the workouts as well. Ellen is very passionate about her work and it is reflected in her workout design and her interactions with her clients. She puts together thoughtful workouts that are tailored to the individual. I highly recommend anyone looking for a personalized fitness program to contact Ellen Shannon, she will not disappoint


I've been going to boot camp for the last 10 years! I have not regretted one moment of time spent there! The boot camp instructor is amazing and one of the best motivators I know! She encourages you to challenge yourself every day! We have become a very close knit group of people that encourage each other as we go along! There was a time when I researched other venues for exercise BUT nothing comes close to what I already have! So come and check us out - You'll be very impressed by the comradery you'll witness! And of course we always laugh & have fun! Try it -you'll like it!!!

Signed, Trish-the-dish!!

In August of 2018 I decided that I needed to get back in shape. I had just had my fourth baby via C-section. I was referred to Ellen and she was extremely accommodating. She let me attend the first few classes at no cost. However, it wasn’t Ellen alone that I fell in love with. The women of this group are so welcoming, encouraging, and accepting. I’ve never come across a better group. I didn’t get just an excellent trainer, I got a group of friends. I cannot recommend Ellen Shannon Fitness Solutions enough. I lost 80 pounds but gained so much more.


Ellen Shannon runs a boot camp for all ages. What I have experienced for over 7 months is a “re-boot” of my physical strength and movement capabilities through consistent, careful exercises. I continue as Ellen’s student and I am

profoundly grateful for her teaching me to reconnect my mind and my body in order to live with better health, and with

less pain from neglected muscles. My right knee and hip are getting stronger by the week; my A1C number for my

Diabetes 2 is now so low it isn’t on the chart that typifies the disease; and I am having fun. Time in Ellen’s program is the

best thing I’ve done for myself all year.

Gale Morris (age 74)

I've been going to Ossipee Adventure Boot Camp for many years and I've never had a day a that was the same. That's what I love most about boot camp Every. Single. Day. is different. There is no set routine. Ellen is always combining exercises in different ways and the camaraderie of the amazing supportive women, who are crazy enough to get up that early in the morning to get a great workout in, is what keeps me coming back day after day! used to say that boot camp was one of the best things I've done for myself, but it's really not just for me. It makes me a stronger, healthier mom for my family and it makes me a happier healthier person to work with as well. So don't think of boot camp as something you want to do for yourself, but do it for everyone that cares about you!

Terri Drew

I was very curious and excited about my first boot camp session. I didn’t know what to expect and was worried that I would not be able to keep up or to fully participate in the class. I had finally quit smoking several months before and was hoping to continue on my journey to feel and be better. On my first day I heard the laughter and could feel the camaraderie between the campers. I was surprised that we were all ages, abilities and fitness levels. I felt like I fit right into the middle somewhere! Ellen made sure I was comfortable with the exercises and helped me adapt as needed. I can honestly say I became hooked on boot camp right away. Five thirty am is a great way to start my day, when I can devote all my energy to just me. This makes the rest of the day so much better. I feel proud of myself and my accomplishments at camp and I am encouraged by a group of wonderful woman!



I came to Ellen about a year and a half ago with a problem that nobody seemed to know what to do with. I had continuous spasms and cramps in my feet that prevented me from walking for very long and I couldn’t easily go up and down stairs. I started taking private workout sessions with her and at the beginning I couldn’t even do all she wanted me to try. Now after working with Ellen weekly for several months, I can complete my hour of work without difficulty, I can run up and down stairs without pain or fear of pain and I can walk as long as I want to! I also had some personal goals. I wanted to be able to do archery and to get back into some hiking. Success! I can draw back my 35 pound bow, and on my trip to Ireland, I hiked a steep mountain! I also discovered a funny problem, my clothes didn’t fit! I am now a whole other size and have gained strength and weight all in muscle. People are noticing how great I look! Ellen doesn’t just do physical therapy she does way more than that; she gives you back your confidence in your body, she teaches you to build the strength in your body and she supports you and applauds you every single step of the way. No matter where you start, Ellen makes it better. You will surprise yourself and impress others!

I joined the camp as a summer resident hoping to maintain my fitness level while on vacation. Not only did my fitness level increase with the consistent use of weights and other equipment but I also looked forward to exercising due to the variety of the workouts. Ellen tailors the sessions to individual levels and gives suggestions for an increased challenge or provides modifications if you have an injury, which I truly appreciate. I love the group exercise because it’s motivating and more fun to be with other people, and the support from the other boot campers

is amazing.

Liz Clark

I have been going to boot camp for three years this month. I really had no idea what to expect when I signed up. I had driven by Ellen’s business many times and saw the woman doing the early morning workout. I kept thinking I could never do those exercises. I showed up the first day not knowing anyone or anything about boot camp. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It’s been a challenge some mornings to get to class for 5:30am, but once I’m there I’m always glad that I showed up. Every exercise can be modified for your ability. No one looks at you differently if you can’t lift the heaviest weights. It’s up to you to decide how you want to challenge yourself. There is always great encouragement from the group. If you are struggling there are people to push you to finish. When I started, I didn’t even know what a burpee was! They still aren’t my favorite exercise, but they are a little easier to do than they were three years ago. A few months ago I hiked my first 4,000 footer, Mt. Pierce. If you had asked me 5 years ago to hike a mountain I would have looked at you as if you were crazy. With Ellen’s guidance and support, in and out of class, I have become a stronger person. If you don’t think you can do it, think again, because you can!!

Jill E. Drew

I began bootcamp because I felt my healthy life was being forgotten. My first camp was tough. I realized doing a sit up and push up was impossible and didn’t think I would ever improve. However, with Ellen’s amazing support and a fabulous

group of women, I realized that sticking it to it would bring change. I have struggled along the way with motivation but Ellen always brings me back to thinking positive. Exercise at camp has brought me more energy, camaraderie, better

body image and, of course, healthy benefits! Thank you Ellen!

Wanda Eckhoff

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