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My Beginning


Ellen Shannon Fitness Solutions began in 2005 when I became a personal trainer because I saw a need. There were people in my life needing real solutions and I

didn’t see those solutions out there. My values and drive to support other

people solidified the principles that have become the cornerstone of Fitness


- make fitness within reach and fun for anyone

- eliminate the fear of working out

- increase energy

- help people feel better


There were plenty of skeptics.

A workout for women only? Outside? In a parking lot? At 5:30 am? Who would go? Who would do that?

And yet, on that dark September morning of 2008, Ossipee Adventure Boot Camp (now called Ellen Shannon Fitness Solutions) became a reality. Twelve women and I took the first steps on a journey into fitness in the back parking lot of the Whittier House Restaurant, (now known as Hobbs Tavern). Twelve women saw an opportunity, took a chance with me, and tried something different.

The goals of Ellen Shannon Fitness Solutions have remained simple. Embrace the outside. Empower people to become stronger both mentally and physically. Provide support for fitness and nutrition goals. And most importantly, welcome each person to begin their fitness journey exactly where they are when they first walk into camp.

Ellen Shannon CPT, CSCS, PAS, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Address: 2260 Rt 16 West Ossipee, NH

Email: info@ellenshannon.com

Telephone: 603.387.9816

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