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The Only Workout You Regret is the One You Skip

Do you have nagging knee pain?

  • Do you struggle to finish a workout because your knees flare up?

  • Have you stopped participating in activities you love because of your discomfort?
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A four week outdoor program of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training for women. You will be inspired and have fun while participating in a fantastic workout.

Workouts designed for you to do on your own with scheduled check ins based on your level of accountability. A workout plan for those looking to work out on their own, when on the go, or traveling.

Personalize your workout to fit your schedule and your needs.

Fitness Trainer Ellen Shannon, will develop a plan to meet your body and your goals.

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More than 15 years ago my husband suggested I start working out to help my state of mind. I took him up on it and started working out one on one with Ellen (Ellen Shannon Fitness Solutions) At some point Ellen asked me if I would be interested in joining a boot camp for women. The time would be 5:30 am. To say I was skeptical was an understatement! (I might have even thought she was crazy!) What could be more fun than getting up at the crack of dawn to be put through the paces along with other ladies? However, 15 years later I am STILL HERE! - So who is the crazy one now?! My day always starts off better when I have exercised- I feel better mentally and physically. Ellen puts a lot of thought into our daily workouts and makes sure each workout hits all the muscle groups. Yes, we moan but we are all the better for it! So THANK YOU Ellen for all that you do to help us be a healthier version of ourselves. Carol (May 2022)

A year ago, this month, I made a huge change in my life. I started Ellen’s boot camp! When I made the decision it was GO BIG or GO HOME. I went from NO exercise to working out five days a week! Did I mention that I go every morning at 5:30am? YUP that’s what I do! It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ellen has been more than a fitness coach......she has been my life coach. She is so supportive and helpful with my ups and downs. She always knows when to give me that pep talk or small comment to lift my spirits just when I need it most. I really can’t say enough about her as a person. She has made so many lives better just by providing support. She is knowledgeable about fitness and goes above and beyond to help you reach your own goals. I feel so much better about myself emotionally and physically and I am getting stronger and stronger every day. That in itself is such an amazing feeling. Thank you Ellen for being who you are and being that mentor to me and so many others out there.

Pam (March 2022)

The comradery of the women keeps me coming back week after week and session after session. Bootcamp is now an ingrained habit and I rarely skip a workout. I know myself and I know I would not work out on my own. My strength and health is a direct result of showing up every single day. I have lost inches while gaining strength and a community of women who provide unconditional support. Best of all, I feel good!

Donna (April 2022)

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