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Business Person of the Year
Congratulations to Ellen Shannon for being selected by the Greater Ossipee Area Chamber of Commerce as the Business Person of the Year for 2012. She was honored at GOACC's annual dinner that took place at The Corner House Restaurant in Sandwich. After just over 4 years in business with Ossipee Adventure Boot Camp, she has steadily worked to build her business. From initially running the business primarily out of her car and a restaurant parking lot, moving to a home base has helped stabilize the business even more. She is constantly striving to improve each of the camps. She looks forward to continuing to grow the business in other aspects also - through her Postural Therapy practice, offering yoga classes at the studio and more.  

Put our expertise to work for you. At Ellen Shannon Fitness Solutions, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the Lakes Region, NH area.
"If you think it can’t happen or you can’t do it, believe me….you can" - Xann Teryek
I am 44 years old. I have never dieted or exercised. I have always thought that eating right and exercising is the key to being healthy (though I never practiced it). I started Adventure Bootcamp somewhat on a whim. I had heard about it but never thought I could do it and stick with it. I needed something for ME and am so glad that this is what I chose. I am just beginning my fifth session and I never want to stop. The workouts vary and are never boring or tedious; they are able to be adjusted for any fitness level; it truly is a lot of fun. I also added the TLS Weight Loss Solution 12-week program to my Bootcamp workout. I learned what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. I was skeptical because there are so many programs out there. Again, I am glad this is the one I chose. This program is amazing – no gimmicks – just eating real food to fuel your body. I have lost weight, increased muscle and strength, and have much more energy. I have made many lifestyle changes to become a better me. It is very empowering. It’s a great group of people all working toward the same goal and Ellen is very passionate and truly cares about what she is teaching.
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"Ellen is the personal trainer you’ve always wanted who designs your workouts, both cardio and core, for the best possible results."
News and Reviews for Ellen Shannon Fitness Solutions
I met Ellen several years ago when she was a personal trainer at a local fitness center. I was interested in boot camp because I did not like classes at gyms. I felt lost in them and didn't get enough personal attention. I have always struggled with my weight and staying healthy, so when I heard Ellen was starting a Boot Camp I knew I had to try it out. Ellen approaches her clients with a genuine care for their well being and success. She motivates me by caring about my health and committing to my fitness goals. The best part is the results! I have lost 15 pounds, a total of 10 inches and 2 dress sizes. I feel wonderful about myself and have a better attitude all around. I am eager to try new things because I feel healthy and strong. I am more confident in all my endeavors. 
I have had aches and pains for years in my ankle, knee, hip, and lower back, all down my left side. I have tried stretching, yoga, massage, and chiropractic care to no avail. In working with Ellen Shannon over these past 6 weeks alone, utilizing the Postural Therapy Exercises, my aches and pains have been greatly diminished. I suspect over the next 6 weeks of continuing with my exercises/therapy they will be fully alleviated. This works and works well. Thank you Ellen!

I am so happy with my 20lb. weight loss and improved physical activity such as being able to walk longer distances. For years I have tried other weight loss programs and would loss 5-10 lb. but then plateau, give up and put the weight back on. With Ellen's help I've learned to eat the foods that are best for my constitution. The body alignment activities she has given me have improved a knee and ankle problem I've had for years. Now I am walking 2-4 miles without pain. The best part is after nearly three months of working with Ellen I'm still just as enthusiastic about keeping up my exercises and eating plan as I was the first week.
"I am blown away by the success of Postural Therapy" - Gregory S. Lagios
"Ellen's personal weight loss counseling and physical training has been wonderful for me" - Lindy, age 68
"Ellen approaches her clients with a genuine care for their well being and success" - Audrey Drake
Ossipee Adventure Boot Camp Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary
Carroll County Independent. August 29, 2013. By Mellisa Seamans.

OSSIPEE — The name might sound a bit intimidating, especially to those who are new to regular exercise, but judging from participant comments, Ossipee Adventure Boot Camp is anything but intimidating.

Celebrating its fifth year in business, owner Ellen Shannon of Effingham is proud of how the business has grown and the positive impact it has had on the lives of people in her community. Read more...

"Having initially been a skeptic of Postural Therapy, I am a firm believer now " - Kim L
I was diagnosed with spinal scoliosis at a very young age which affects my posture (both standing and sitting) as well as making it difficult to do any type of floor abdominal exercises as part of my spine makes contact with the surface before my actual back does. As a solution I've always used a very thick (or two) mat to do floor work and try to constantly remind myself to sit/stand straight. About 2 years ago I decided it was time to research a more realistic approach to my spinal issue(s) as I did not want to end up permanently hunched over. That's when I discovered Postural Therapy. While skeptical (I'm a believer that if you're not sweating, you're not exercising), I made an appointment with Ellen and she observed my posture and gait, as well as took digital images so she could show me what was occurring. After reviewing the information, she developed an Postural Therapy routine that was not only going to help with my spine/posture issues but also with my recurring plantar fasciitis issue. I did the E-cises faithfully for approximately a year and made great progress. Not only did my back get to the point where I did not require extra padding and my posture was much improved, but my feet also felt much better and I felt better overall. Then in May of last year we adopted 2 lab mixes from N Carolina and my Postural Therapy routine was slowly put on the back burner due to time being stretched between my traditional workouts, hikes and swimming and training with the dogs, my work, and just life in general. After approximately four months, I noticed my spine started to hurt while doing floor exercises without additional cushioning, my posture was slumping and my feet began to bother me again. I resumed the E-cises in October and am pleased to say that my back, posture and feet are once again noticeably better. With all this said, having initially been a skeptic of Postural Therapy, I am a firm believer now and make sure my E-cises are included in my calendar every day. Thank you Ellen for bringing this leading edge therapy to Ossipee NH and, specifically to me!